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Creating personas for the design

Keywords: user-centered design; persona.

Aims and Rationale

The aim of this activity is to enable students as designers to develop a better and enhanced understanding of the needs and expectation of users, as well as their ICH conceptualisations and related interests and desires.

Personas are fictional characters that can be created to refine ideas that designers develop of the users they design with.

The creation of personas should be based on all the information that the students will have collected during this educational experience, especially during the ICH-HCI workshop.

Learning Outcomes and Associated Areas of Knowledge

Formulate a deeper understanding of the users to design with based on gathered data

Appraise and revise previous learning about thematic analysis and designing data collection experiences with users

21st Century skills

  • Ethical Literacy
  • Research Skills and Practices


Use, remix or adapt the attached suggested template.

How to

Ask the teams who undertook the thematic analysis to now use some of their findings to reflect on their user. Provide the students with the designated template which focuses on questions about the interest in ICH, the use of free time, and the use of technology. It is recommended that every team creates more than one persona so as to keep the design open for a variety of stakeholders (for instance, community members, professional ICH workers, academics, etc.).


One challenge when facilitating this activity is to maintain the students’ interest and motivation in the detailed processes of moving from data to design. This could be a challenge as once the students see the fruits of their efforts, they may want to jump ahead and ‘get stuck in’. It is therefore important to emphasize the value of reflection and further understanding to end up with a ‘product’ which represents as closely as possible the user-centred design.  Personas can be a powerful design technique in that the archetype of users they provide can benefit the overall quality of the design process. It is, therefore, important that students are sensitised towards the importance of this exercise.

Assessment for Learning

The students’ formulation of a deeper understanding can be reviewed towards the end of the activity which focused on concrete examples rooted in data. When creating personas, students should naturally refer back to the learning outcomes of the ICH-HCI workshop so that appraising and revising are embedded in the activity.

Assessment 'How to'

After the creation of the personas, ask each team to elect a representative that will have to explain how the team have come to think to their users concretely and by drawing from the grounded data.

Creating appropriate personas will also help to reach better solutions for designs during the Questions for design activity which is a suggested follow-up activity which enables further assessment for learning for this activity.

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Student Assignment Editable Word File


  • Use the designated template to facilitate the creation of personas.


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